Autumn Equinox (Mabon) Pagan Pride Ritual
Lafayette Area Pagan Alliance September 24, 2000

Altar cloth, candles for quarters and two for god/goddess, cauldron for incense
Corn to represent harvest
Fall wildflowers for the season
Bowl/goblet for saltwater
Cider & cups

Priestess: Let each one find that place within ourselves where we feel balance. With each of three breaths, breathe in the energy of the earth and Universe around us and release the bonds of negativity.
Breathe in—breathe out, releasing the tensions of the daily world.
Breathe in—breathe out, let flow any negativity that plagues your heart and mind.
Breathe in—breathe out, let enter realization and balanced focus.

Creating sacred space:
The priest lights the incense and the priestess mixes the salt water. The priest takes the incense and the priestess the salt water and follows around the circle.
Priest: we bless you with the smoke of autumn fires.
Priestess: we bless you with the water of autumn rains.

Priest and priestess return to center.
Priestess: The circle is a sacred space in which magic is worked. Where any and all can meet with Goddess and God. The magic circle defines the ritual area, holds in personal Power and shuts out distractions and negative energies. The circle is formed with personal Power which is felt and visualized as streaming from the body to form a mystic bubble.
Priest: We gather together to join in this circle. Where many traditions and many paths may come together in pride to give honor and reverence to the cycles of life. To create the sacred circle and join our energies together, we will sing:
All: we are a circle, within a circle,
With no beginning, and never ending
(repeat 3X total)

Calling the quarters
East: To the East, I invite the powers of Air.
To blow out the old and bring in the new
On your winds of change.
Far winds, blow clean and clear,
Sweep free through the skies
To be with us here
All:Welcome to the East.

South: To the South, I invite the power of Fire
To burn away regrets,
And shine your gentle rays upon us for growth
Blessed sun and lands of warmth,
Comfort and brightness and strength,
Be with us here.
All: Welcome to the South

West: To the West, I invite the powers of Water
To cleanse us of negativity, and purify our thoughts.
Oceans, lakes and streams,
Wash clear, bright, and fresh,
And be with us here.
All: Welcome to the West.

North: To the North, I invite the powers of Earth.
Let your renewing strength bury all ills,
And open new paths before us.
Mountains, meadows, and forests,
Bring forth life, richness, and beauty,
And be with us here.
All:Welcome to the North.

Welcoming the Divine:
Priestess: We call upon the blessed Lady, queen of harvest, giver of life.
Be with us and give us thy joy and beauty.
Priest: We call upon the Lord of the harvest, sacred King, giver of riches and protection.
Be with us here and give us thy strength, laughter, and power.

Priestess: the circle is sealed, and all herein are apart from the outside world.
All:blessed be.
Priest: As above, so below,
As the universe, so the soul,
As without, so within.
Blessed and gracious one, on this day we do consecrate to you,
Our bodies,
Our minds,
Our spirits.
All:Blessed Be.

Seasonal celebration:
Priest: Let us now, as of old, make an offering, a gift to the harvest to mark here the fullness of the season. Life dues fulfill its cycle and lead to life anew. In the eternal chain of life it has stretched and bent, but never broken.

Priestess takes an ear of corn and presents it to the heavens.
Priestess: O, great and timeless Goddess, we give thanks for this, the season of harvest. We can give nothing that is not already thine, yet we ask you at accept with our love, this offering. That the season of plenty shall return once more, in celebration of life springing ever new from death.
Priest: This is a time of joy! Let us now eat and drink and each within ourselves, invite the Gods and Goddesses to be with us here, to enjoy this tome of celebration with us now.

Priestess stands over the cider.
Priestess: Gracious Goddess of Abundance, bless this juice and infuse it with your love. In your names, Mother Goddess and Father God, I bless this juice.

Priest stands over the bread.
Priest: Powerful God of Harvest, bless this bread and infuse it with your love. In your names, Mother Goddess and Father God, I bless this bread.

--Cider and bread are passed around the circle. When everyone is served--

Priestess: With this brief repast, let us give thanks for blessings received.
Let us give thanks for the freedom to gather together.
Let us celebrate in pride the divine within us all.
Let us give prayer for tolerance and peace.
Let us celebrate and sing:

All: We all come from the Goddess,
And to her we shall return.
Like a drop, of rain,
Flowing to the ocean
(3X total)

Priest: The Circle is now open to any member that may wish to speak.

Closing the Circle:
Priest: Friends, let us now give thanks to the Goddess and the God as this celebration ends. For this time of richness and time of magic and for all given to us with love, we thank you.
Priestess: O, great Lady of magic and beauty, O, King of strength and power, creatures of all wild places, and beings of all reams, we give you thanks, love and farewell.
All:Blessed Be.

North: Mountains, meadows, and forest strong, We give you thanks for being here.
All: Hail and Farewell!

West: Oceans, lakes and streams ever flowing, We give you thanks for being here.
All: Hail and Farewell!

South: Blessed sun and lands of warmth,
We give you thanks for being here.
All: Hail and Farewell!

East: Far winds blowing clean and pure,
We give you thanks for being here.
All: Hail and Farewell!

Priestess: Our rite draws to its end.
O, lovely and gracious Goddess,
Be with each of us as we depart.
The circle is open.

To end our circle let us join and sing:
All: May the circle be open, but unbroken.
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in your heart.
Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again.
Blessed Be!

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