Artist: The Streets

Label: Vice Records/Atlantic Records

Released: May 18, 2004

Genre: concept album/UK garage/hip-hop

Today I have achieved absolutely naught
In just being out of the house I've lost out
If I wanted to end up with more now
I should have just stayed in bed like I know how

So begins The Streets' cd titled 'A Grand Don't Come for Free.' The concept album details the trials and tribulations of our protagonist, mostly done through the spoken word of Mike Skinner. The story weaves through this way, layered on usually unoffensive backings, sometimes sounding a bit chopped-off; his delivery is sometimes overly conscious of the underlying beat and can come off a bit awkward.

But what's the story about? We start off with our protagonist trying to get a laundry list of things taken care of: return a dvd, pay a bill, and call his mum to let her know that he won't be able to make tea. He's also lost 1000 quid to top things off. How is our hero going to make it through the day?

Blinded By The Light, Fit But You Know It, Dry Your Eyes, and Empty Cans are all standout tracks on this cd, but to really enjoy the album, you should listen through it once or twice all the way through.

  1. It Was Supposed To Be So Easy
  2. Could Well Be In
  3. Not Addicted
  4. Blinded By The Light
  5. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
  6. Get Out Of My House
  7. Fit But You Know It
  8. Such A Twat
  9. What Is He Thinking
  10. Dry Your Eyes
  11. Empty Cans

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