A novella in four parts, by Watts Martin.

The story focuses on a cat named Mika, who runs across a vampire bat while out on a walk in the shady side of town. Now, in the story's setting, vampire bats are essentially outcasts of society, forced to live on the fringes of civilization because of their unique physiology. And Mika, who is a starving artist and rapidly tiring of his relationship with a rich, aristocratic ditz, has been looking for a broader view of life - which the bat, Revar, provides. The characters are rich and believable, and likeable to boot. Despite the relative brevity of the story, there is an incredible amount of character development, the likes of which frequently isn't seen in full-length novels. The story is just as rich and involving. When I read it, it was late at night when I first ran across it... And I couldn't stop reading it until I had finished it, several hours later. Usually I have a hard time reading long things on a computer screen, but for some reason, this was different. It was one of the best works of fiction I have ever read, and easily the best short story/novella I have ever read.

It can be found in the belfry archives at www.belfry.com.

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