A Dictionary of Untranslatable Words
Being an Account of Oddities Produced by Various Disorderly Races
Compiled and indexed by Manavelins & Co., Firozkoh, Ghor.

Aeileon: That which lies under the universe. Used by the Thull, who claim to experience it directly.

Dweomer: Said to be the color of magic (q.v.); oft compared to the flavor of oatmeal.

Eenileth: The name of the unbeing. The true name is said to drive insane those who read it, and so it is never used in its canonical form; eenileth is the most common variant. See Appendix C for a full list of variants. Editor's Note: Do not see appendix C.

Eil: Zeroeth personal pronoun. Rarely used.

Electricity: When movement is internalized into the essence of a substance, eps. metal, and burns or speaks. Referred to by humans. May be a form of magic (q.v.); may be a form of fire.

Fieop: Long distance vestibular sensing, Referred to by the Thull. May be due to an enlarged inner ear; dissections have proved inconclusive. For conjunctions, see Appendix A.

Googelplex: A number too large for the universe to contain. Used by humans. May be a form of magic (q.v.) or aeileon (q.v.).

Hlodade: An overwhelming sense of abulia and hysteria, caused by exposure to eenileth. Often used idiomatically; see Appendix C for a full list. Editor's Note: Do not see appendix C .

Magic: That which has no sufficient causal conditions, but can be caused. Possibly imaginary, or extinct. Used universally by the lesser races.

█████████: Not technically untranslatable. However, this word has driven insane those who have successfully translated it. See Appendix B for a list and short eulogy of the lexicographers who attempted and failed to complete this entry.

Radio: When electricity (q.v.) speaks. Appears to be a form of sympathetic magic, or ventriloquism.

Ppyls: Approx. the flavor of flying, with a hint of dysmorphia. Used by the Thull; ppyls serves as the root word for the entirety of the Thull's vocabulary relating to events compared to dysmorphic flying. For a full list, see Appendix A.

Purple: A color that is to blue as blue is to green. Used by humans. Perception of this color may be related to enlarged occipital lobe in humans; dissections have proven inconclusive.

Silphium: A variety of fennel said to suppress madness. Those in a position to give a precise description do not speak.

Singularity: A place that nothing leaves. Used by humans. Said to be invisible because light cannot leave; the difference between this 'invisibility' and simple darkness is said to beyond the comprehension of non-humans. May be related to purple (q.v.).

Soul: The opposite of mind and body. Used by all lesser races. Current medical science has not been able to isolate it through vivisection or graduated reduction. Presumed imaginary.

Ssluk: A persistent echo of eenileth (q.v.), said to forcefully transcend the limitations of traditional memetics.

TV: An errant initialism of 'television'. When electricity (q.v.) speaks (see 'radio') and takes an ethereal form. The results appear to be universally nonsensical.

Usucaption: A right gained through persistence, regardless of worthiness. Used by humans, who are not to be trusted.

Vilddop: Lit. 'as of a grimalkin playing the cornamuse'. Origin unclear. Meaning unclear. See Appendix C for more information. Editor's Note: Do not see appendix C .

Weklol: An untoward varient of green, akin to alternat lookds zil (oplsirus fkew msiri anfs sa is qlakf a rgh k we),

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sLifpppppation: Please refer to Appendix C.

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