"Okay, constipated libidinal mass..."
Playful for a conspiracy.
Lambchop Nimrod.
Whatever kind of name you wanna give it...

"You trick me into thinking I give a shit."
So? Do you have all the answers in the universe?
No. But I have a reliable way of looking at the universe:
Breast pillows.

(And that's actually the way he feeled.)
"The presence of unloved divinity never fails to wound."
Silently spread the dream of the dead sea.
I will show you.

Try your hand and fail at an arts & crafts expo.
It's like "yeah, this don't real," and then it does.
We constructed a war on hugs,
a war on both shortcomings and unmet sexual expectations.

Jay, this is insufficient.
Her boots are dripping wine. I want them to kick my ass.
But habits come from habitats,
and Hobbits come from nowhere.

There is ego in sexuality.
There is arrogance all over a sticky sticky me.
I am a wall to be torn.
I am sticky sticky wallpaper with broken patterns.

We constructed a war on drugs,

January or February 2014

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