Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is the Second story of the Sin City comic series by Frank Miller. The second Sin City story shows Frank Miller's ability to continue this series. His ability to live up to the expectations of the first comic, titled Sin City, and later subtitled A Hard Goodbye. With this second story he shows that his city noir can live on even after A Hard Goodbye.

Dwight McCarthy is the sad shell of a man, still heartbroken by Ava, who left him a few years ago. He is a photographer who tries to stay out of fights or anything where his bad side could come out; he knows exactly what he could do to anyone who gets in his way. He tries as hard to forget about the girl of his dreams, but at the same time he can't let go of the girl he once loved.

Then, one night, Ava comes up to Dwight's doorstep, and tells him how she does love him back, but is in trouble. Ava tells Dwight that her husband, Damien Lord, one of the richest men in Basin City, has been doing things to her. Dwight goes to Damien's house, to see if what she says is true. What comes next is Bloodshed.

The comic has the dark and horrific feeling, just as the other Sin City comics have. The comic starts before the first comics, if you were to look at a Sin City Timeline.

The other Sin City Comics:

- Paperback: 208 pages
- Publisher: Dark Horse; Graphic No edition (November 1, 1994)
- ISBN: 1569710686

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