Probably the most frequently asked question in the world for subway collectors: "What the hell does '99 Call' mean?" To easy their life, he's a list of some of the more popular codes you'll hear in a subway:

17 call - any police officer in the system, call control.
25 - a subway supplyman, The guy who supplies the collector booths.
40 - a platform inspector
42 - a tower inspector
47 - a line inspector
48 - a subway security team call, by station or by "ZONE"
69 - an escalator mechanic
71 - a RSEM tech (RSEM is revenue security equipment maintenence (transfer Machines ECT))
99 - a subway line mechanic, the guys who fix the trains.
504 - a janitor's foreman. Followed by initials. ie: 504 G is a foreman named Grant etc.
505 - a spare janitor, works several stations doing major work
506 - a janitor
508 - a power washer. The guys with the floor scrubbing machines.
721 - a track crew. For work at track level.

If a code is appended with E it is Emergency ie: 71E call 71E

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