[Lyrics deleted for copyright reasons. - Ed.]

6 Underground (4:06)
Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X

These are some of the best lyrics ever - drifting, seductive and biting. Although it's not clear, I imagine the title is a reference to the saying six feet under, adding a tinge of death. Roughly 10 different versions of 6 Underground exist, but the two most common are the Sneaker Pimp's original mix, and Nellee Hooper's remix (3:54) available on the same album. I personally think the remix is slightly better, but not by much.

It's become the theme song for my last relationship - the callousness of the lyrics is a good reflection of the fallout. I've never been hurt so much with deception and lies of omission by someone so enamoured of openness and perfect honesty.

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