Howdy. You've either randomly come across this node or you just clicked the word "nickel" in the Wheel of Surprise.

For those folks who are not aware what the Wheel of Surprise is, it's a way to have a bit of fun and spend those GP you've been accumulating. Considering I have over 69K of them, I probably won't do much with my overflowing E2 bank account anytime soon (unless they make a deal and convert them to Bitcoin, in which case I'm filthy rich!)

The Wheel is just a giant virtual generator where you click a button to have a chance to win prizes. The prizes include C!'s (Chings), Easter Eggs, Tokens to change the message in the catbox, more GP, breaking even with getting your 5GP back, "winning" 1 GP, or nothing, you lose.

To play, each spin of the Wheel costs a nickel, aka 5 GP, which links to this node. You'll steadily lose GP in the long run but you'll get a lot of Eggs (which are worth 25 GP in the E2 Gift Shop), and perhaps a ching or token. There is currently no limit on how many times you can click the spin button. I've had as many as 8 chings from spinning the wheel, which expire like the rest of the chings and votes when the server time goes to a new day. Use them or lose them!

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