3Blue1Brown is a Youtube Channel about mathematics and geometry with a focus on connecting the two by displaying mathematical properties in a geometric/visual fashion. Most mathematical concepts can be displayed visually, with the Cartesian Plane being the most obvious example, and 3Blue1Brown does an amazing job of explaining complex concepts in math in a way that makes them accessible to our visual/spacial understanding of the universe. In doing so it doesn't so much explain how to do the math as provide an image or heuristic to attach equations to. Videos cover diverse topics such as trigonometry, calculus, group theory, and encryption.

What makes this series work is that the explanations are exceedingly clear, with accompanying graphics, at what I consider the perfect pace. I don't recall ever losing the thread of any video's explanation except when I wasn't familiar with the terms. This is an incredibly high mark in the teaching mathematics which is probably the easiest subject to go from complete mastery to utter bewilderment in the course of a few sentences. To anybody that's interested I would suggest this explaination of how fractals aren't self similar and this explanation of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies.


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