360 syndrome is when you start from one point of view, move away from it using logic, argumentation, etc, and gradually move toward your original point of view through the same process of self questioning and reasoning. It's a syndrome because in the process of shifting your ideas some of your friends will wonder what the hell is up with you since you, for instance, started at pro-life in 9th grade, moved to pro-choice in 10th, and ended back at pro-life in 12th. See one view as being at 0 degrees on a circle with the opposite stance at 180.

The problem I see with my friends in high school is that some choose the least popular (least mainstream, least pedestrian) topic and argue it to death, without knowing that through this process of choosing a viewpoint (without exploring other possibilities) they've joined another (though smaller) group of clichéd 'individuals' with the same viewpoint, refusing to explore the other side of the issue. To them, whoever has the opposite opinion is, by definition, wrong (wrong being whatever is common, old, 'over-explored'). What they don't know about me is that though I believe in the opposite of what they believe, I once believed in the same view as they do, but I've moved beyond it, having explored and, later, rejected it. Maybe I'll keep on going and end up at 520, and maybe even later, back at 720.

As an elementary school student I started out reasonably ignorant. Moving through middle school and into high school, I became a cynic after 9th grade. My views and philosophies shifted and changed and in 12th grade I've become completely disgusted with cynicism. I started out seeing the world as right and swell, progressed to seeing it as broken and corrupt, and now I see it as a place of wonder and beauty, though still aware of its flaws. Some would say I've made a complete 360.

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