Immortal teaching of the wise senpai salaryman. They warn of the three pitfalls, also known as the three M's, that the salaryman must avoid at all costs on the path of, um, just working everyday.
  1. muri - the impossible. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

    But most of the time they laugh and ignore because they don't know either. Now I know that is why the kouhai receive tasks and are put in charge of projects in the first place.

  2. muda - waste. Time Is Money and money is time.

    Especially at hostess clubs in Kabukicho.

  3. mura - inconsistency. Consistency is the closest thing to perfection.

    Consistently answering with "Wakarimasen!" every time and that will do the trick most every time.

Keep these three points and the 3 most important things as a salaryman in mind and you young kouhai just might succeed on the road to become a kyuuryou dorobou.

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