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1992 - 2002 is the 10 year anthology album by (my favourite band on the entire planet) Underworld, released here in the UK on the 3rd of November 2003. The album is a 16 track, double CD retrospective of their greatest hits since 1992 including well-known tracks such as Born Slippy, Rez, Pearls Girl and Two Months Off.

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A limited edition version of the album with a bonus DVD (designed by Tomato, naturally) featuring videos of Rez, Dark And Long, Born Slippy, Jumbo and Two Months Off. This would definitely be worth the few extra quid if you can get you hands on it.

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While Underworld's back catalogue spans far too extensively to compile a complete collection of their music and what they are all about, 1992 - 2002 is an accessible introduction to the band and a joy to listen to. Get this album now.

Track listing, CD1:
01. Big Mouth
02. Dirty
03. Mmm Skyscraper I Love You
04. Rez
05. Spikee
06. Dirty Epic
07. Dark And Long (Dark Train)

Track listing, CD2:
01. Cowgirl
02. Born Slippy .NUXX
03. Pearls Girl
04. Jumbo
05. Push Upstairs
06. Moaner
07. Shudder/King Of Snake
08. 8 Ball
09. Two Months Off

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