A 90's Themed Restaurant?

I'm assuming a lot of you grew up in the 90's, but if you didn't, you probably still got to see it in all its beauty (unless you're some 10-year-old kid on here. I munched on my Johnny Rockets Smoke House Single in that quaint old 60's-themed restaurant and thought about the nostalgia this was supposed to produce in the older generation (yes, older than this). I'm sure many a parent had dragged his or her child into the restaurant frothing at the mouth about antique music players on the sides or matching uniforms of waiters and waitresses, but c'mon. Aren't we done with the 60's yet?

That's when an idea sprang to mind. What about a restaurant whose theme was the 90's? Did one exist? In fact, what better time to theme a restaurant when those very same themed restaurants originally STARTED in the 90's?! It was perfect. I would eat the most expensive menu item if the words "Captain Planet's Go Planet" were anywhere in the title. What about "Crossfire Cobble?" "Hungry Hippos All-You-Can-Eat special?"

My god. The possibilities were ENDLESS.

You walk in and a waiter with a tan top hat and a long trenchcoat with just-visible contraptions inside gets you to your table. Kids' meals come with trade-able POGs. Waiters and waitresses move around with scooters. Anyone with a birthday can be shot with NERF guns upon completion of their birthday song or choose to spar with a rival of their choice using Sock'em Boppers.

If only some bored billionaire would happen across this find and make it a reality... I'd be overjoyed. Until then, it's back to daydreaming about an ice cream Dexter's Laboratory.

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