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Olympics 1968 - Grenoble, France
No. of countries: 37
No. of athletes: 1158  (947 m + 211 w)
No. of events: 35 in 8 sports

The second time the winter games were held in France, and the Soviet Union did not dominate as much as feared, and was beaten in the totals by Norway.  For the first time, the torch had been relayed all the way from Olympia, Greece. The East and West German countries for the first time competed on different teams. The IOC also performed drug tests as well as gender tests for the first time. The politic sides of sports were become more and more evident, and the East German team claimed "capitalist conspiracy" when their luge was disqualified.

King of the games was French Jean-Claude Killy won all three alpine skiing events and queen was Swede Toini Gustafsson with 2 gold and one silver in cross country skiing.

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