1917 U.S. Navy Cutlass
Manufactured by The Cold Steel Co.


  • Overall Length: 29 3/8"
  • Blade Thickness: 1/5"
  • Blade Length: 25 1/8"
  • Weight (with sheath): 5 lbs. 2.8 oz.
  • Weight (without sheath): 4 lbs. 1.7 oz.
  • Handle Width*: 1 1/8"
  • Handle Length*: 4 3/8"
  • Distance Between Handle and Half Basket Guard*: 2 6/8"

Features of the sword and scabbard

  • 1050 Blued Carbon Steel Single Edged Slightly Curved Blade
  • 18-Gauge Carbon Steel Stamped Hand Basket
  • Full Tang with wooden handle thrice riveted to the Tang
  • Belt Scabbard made of hardened leather brass and copper


The Cutlass is a weapon that was popularized by the skullduggery and piracy of the supposed "Age of Sails" but it doesn't really begin there. The cutlass was chosen as the signature weapon of nearly all the world's powerful wooden navies. What most people don't realize however was that the Cutlass was in service as late as W.W.I.

The United States Navy had decided that after nearly 60 years of service,the 1890 model Cutlass was horribly outdated and in need of replacement.Thus, the creation of a new model was begun. It is this model that serves proudly at my computer desk and in my living room today.

Details and Usage

Not only is the cutlass in general a great weapon, but I also know (as anyone whom has ever dealt with a single weapon for any length of time would know), that every model has its own personality.

The balance point of this weapon is located at exactly 5.5 inches from the pommel of the sword, making it what I would call a 'nicely' if not perfectly balanced weapon. In my eyes the reason that the cutlass was such a popular weapon is simple. It was simple, small, light enough, but still manages to be tough as nails.

This particular cutlass (and indeed most others by design) has a single edged strong pointed blade configuration that makes it a perfect weapon for a brawler's style of fighting. This is illustrated by the fact that one doesn't have to be a master of this weapon before being able to make more than effective use of it. Also the weight that is added by having a blade of such thickness and width allows light armors and armory to be slashed through. However the trade off weakness is that the finesse one can get out of it is limited.

In the nuclear age, however, the cutlass as an actual weapon seems outdated at best. It does however have its uses. It's definitely a fun way to scare your neighbors into soiling their garments and do your rough hedge and branch trimming at the same time. There is also much to be gained from its use as an exercise format. It is heavy enough to seriously work the muscles in your arms and it will also help you to understand the nature of working a weapon through its own inertia as it will feel heavier moving. Also as anyone whom has ever made a regular training ritual part of their life knows, there is always peace of mind to be attained through genuine discipline. And although it isn't needed to use the cutlass, it will never hurt should you actually have to use it. The weapon is shipped reasonably sharp so please use caution.

Really do be careful - my father's ceiling has five marks on it for proof and I have a pair of khakis that will never qualify as 'dress clothes' again.

* specifications not provided by the manufacturer but from yours truly.

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