An excellent short story, written by Stephen King. It is the tale of Mike Enslin, a non-believer and writer who is known for his best sellers: Ten nights in ten haunted houses, Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Graveyards, Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Castles and just as he is beginning his new book on the same theme , Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Hotels. Room 1408 is his first and last case study for the book. A room that has a long list of suicides and strange occurrences. When he enters the room, much to the dismay of the manager of the Blue Dolphin (the hotel), Mike starts to experience some kind of strange hallucinations (or are they changes in reality?). He then knows that something is coming, something that is not a ghost, something that was never human. This is truly a haunting story and some of King's best work. It can be found in the collection of short stories Everything's Eventual.

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