I don't really remember what she was wearing when I first met her in the twelfth grade. She's one of those girls who kinda slips under the radar until you see her in her black-tie attire. But it isn't her make-up or little black dress that inspires noding, rather it was hanging out with her for the year and slowly liking all of the small things.

I should have seen it coming though. By that time I had fallen-into and lived-to-tell through enough infatuations to see the recurring trend. That is the head-turners merely steal my gaze, but it's those girls I spend time with that eventually take my breath. A bit of a fallacy really, because if I don't notice her at first, how could I see it coming?

Even though we spent a lot of time together and the gossipy may have been inclined to assert our romance, it was never really like that. There were no admissions of love and no awkward touches exchanged. We simply spent time together as though we had known each other longer than we actually had. Nothing eventuated and we graduated from high school.

So now we've almost finished our Bachelors. We go to different universities even though we're taking the same degree. And despite our campuses being less than a mile apart, I can count how many times I've seen her these past years with my hands. However, we do keep in touch through text messaging.

"Merry Christmas, pretty lady! I hope you're feasting like a king. :)"

"Merry Christmas hun! I know you have been gd this yr so i hope you got heaps of pressies and join me feasting like a King :) hoohhoo merry Chritmas"


"Hello :) SMILE"

"Sweet dreams Goodnight and dont let the bed bugs bite SMILE :)"

"I'll bite them back. Sweet dreams to you too, my fair lady! :)"

"POKE !!!!!!!! Im gonna poke message you :)"

Rarr, rarr! You have awoken a MONSTER! 'poke'"

"Its on Your going down :) MASSIVE ~POKE~"

"I'm gonna bite your ankle and do a crocodile DEATH ROLL. Rarr! 'poke'"

"Tomato is a fruit trying to pass itself off as a vegetable... it clearly cannot be trusted. This means i don't have to eat them :) Random thought"

"Hmm, now imagine that ten years from now, I'm a corporate high flyer and I rub shoulders with lots of fancy women. They're all 10/10 on all accounts. But you know what? None of them could compare to a girl like you. It sounds silly, but someone who liked me when I was nobody is worth more than someone who loves me when I am somebody. So then we can conclude that if they're 10/10, then you're at least 11/10! That is one of my recent thoughts. :) 'poke'"

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