The country code top level domain (TLD) .ye is assigned to the country of Yemen. The TLD is rather restricted for use, requiring a connection to the country itself and the domain name must be hosted within the borders of Yemen.

The connection requirement is a business or commercial enterprise that is registered as a local corporation in Yemen. There are some loopholes, such as having a local agent that acts as the connection to the country. Trans-national corporations like Coca-Cola have local bottling concerns and are therefore allowed to have their trademarked domain using the country TLD.

There is a secondary registered TLD for Yemen: اليمن. (remember that Arabic goes from right to left, so the dot is on the right.) This TLD is set up and ready to be used since 2011 but has not been activated by the Yemen authorities at TeleYemen, the sponsor, or YemenNet, the registrar.

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