The top level Internet domain name for Chad in Africa is .td. You might ask why it would be TD instead of something more like the name. The answer is it is, but not in English. The name of Chad is Tchad in French, so that is where the domain TLD name comes from. 

Chad, a country in central north Africa, has French and Arabic as its official languages. It was a part of the French empire up until 1960, so the language of the imperialists still has its footprint on the country.

The Top Level Domain (TLD) is controlled by the Internet Society of Chad. While it originally was meant for use by places and people with connections to the country, once the folks found they could make some money off of imaginary names they opened things up. There are no connection restrictions to get a .td domain.

Introduced in 1997 but really active since 1990 on a restricted basis, the TLD currently contains around a million registered domain names.

Iron Noder 2017

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