One of the latest (11/16/2000) extentions for domain names.
A consortium of 19 major domain name registrars (such as VeriSign,, and Tucows) proposed and funded this extention.

Other domain names that were approved at this time were:
and .pro

The startup procedure for the .info domain has been widely criticized for its unfairness. In deference to the trademark lobby, all holders of valid trademarks (from any country) got first shot at registering matching .info domains during a sunrise period. Since a large number of generic words are trademarked in some specialized sense different from their generic meaning, this has resulted in quite a few .info domains that would have been good names for generic informational sites (the supposed purpose of this TLD) going instead to companies in different lines of business that have overzealous legal staffs insistent on "protecting" their mark. For instance, went to the Caterpillar tractor company, and went to a maker of nail polish. So some good names for pet-related sites that wouldn't have infringed on anybody's trademark are instead diverted to other uses.

Additionally, even trademarks on stylized logos and other graphical marks are acceptable in the sunrise period if they have any words in them, so went to the registrant of a U.S. trademark on a logo of "SEX" used in marketing sex toys of some sort.

As if the legitimate trademarks were enough of a problem, there has been rampant abuse of the sunrise period by illegitimate claimants of nonexistent trademark rights. Enough of this happened that Afilias, the registry for .info, has had to announce that they will challenge any bogus registrations they can find if no legitimate trademark owner challenges them first. This means that some good generic words scammed by fraudsters might eventually be released to the public, but no word has been given yet of just what procedure will be used to allocate them once this happens, since it will be well after the organized "landrush" of public registration that will follow the sunrise period.

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