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The Best of The Week

... But I'm broken and I don't understand

What is broken falls into place once again.



When I was young

I didn't know that Love and pain could coexist

different versions of suffering 


When I was young

I could not imagine caring for someone who hates you 

or worse- ignores you


When I was young and 

my heart broke

for the first time,  I thought I would never recover 


Turns out 

I was wrong about so many things

Thank God I was wrong about that too   







Again and again and again,  I think I will break

but I mend.  -- Broken-- Tift Merritt

Pig out is an American slang term originating in the 1970s, meaning to eat a lot, with overtones of overeating or to gobbling.

(the poem that used to have this title is now a distant reflection. this note will self-destruct on or after 2018-05-29.)

perhaps it is my fate
to stand atop the mountain
calling my truths to the soundless snow
keeping firewatch in the summer
tapping out coordinates
to the air

for i have been down among the people
with their eyes shut, none listening
past the voice inside their head&m…

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