Entropy in Morse code.
A beautiful word—let the dashes wash over you.

Frequency Progression:
    E . the dit, the elemental
    N -. the dadit, the pair
    T - the da, the second commoneſt
    R .-. the ditadit, the center
    O --- the dadada, the balance
    P .--. the ditadadit, the beginning
    Y -.-- the daditada, the final imbalance

Perhaps, in the beginning, a thoroughly tired god died
(collapsing on itself, at once) &nd relaxing for a while.
Sleep has a way of deveiling one's vision.
It was a long time before it got the erg
to rise again.

Frequency Progression: .127 .067 .091 .060 .075 .019 .020
-------------------------------------------------- entropy
-------------------------- ntropy
----------------------------------- tropy
----------------------- ropy
----------------------------- opy
------- py
------- y

Perhaps, in the beginning, a perfectly symmetrical god exploded
(in all directions and the past and the future)
to which we are the tiny Buddha copies:
folded Mandelbrot-wise within
the All-Father's cloak.

Just the dots: .  .   . .     .  .  .  
Just the dashes:   -  -  -  ---  --  - --

<mkb> There is nothing more underrated than a good dump
<Halspal> I'm eating dinner here.

GIGO. So it goes. And here we are
stranded within an unimaginably large
extradimensional copy of ourselves.

Do Your Part:

    give the second hand a little push

Disregarding letter separations: .-.-.-.---.--.-.--
Counting the dashes-in-a-row: 1 1 1 3 2 1 2
or Finding some patterns: .-.-.-.- / --.--.-.--
    in which order becomes complex through asymmetry

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