Irish phrase which means Irish Volunteers. Pronounced OW-gluck na HAIR-in, OW-glee na HAIR-in or OW-glig na HAIR-in, depending on which canúint of Irish you're using.

This is the Irish language name of the Defence Forces of the Republic of Ireland, but is also the name assumed by the various incarnations of the IRA. The original IRA was formed from several organisations, but chiefly from the Irish Volunteer Force, a group set up to defend Home Rule. All of the many organisations which have claimed the name IRA since the end of the Irish War of Independence have also claimed this as their name in the Irish language. Although the English language version may be qualified, as in the Provisional IRA, Official IRA, "Real IRA" etc., the Irish version used by these groups is invariably Óglaigh na hÉireann.

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