An æbleskive pan is a heavy cast-iron frying pan with seven or so wells or indentations for frying æbleskiver. Dutch in origin, this pan resembles a egg poaching pan because of the rounded one inch deep wells. It is also similar to a poffertjes pan, however, a poffertjes pan has up to 20 or so slightly shallower wells and are usually made out of aluminum rather than cast-iron.

Like all cast-iron pans, they must be seasoned properly with cooking oil or bacon grease. Seasoning a cast-iron pan prevents corrosion and makes them naturally non-stick. Avoid spilling sugary foods such as jam on an æbleskive pan because black residue will build up immediately. Scrub this blackened food residue with a wire brush or Brillo ® pad as soon as it starts to build up.

Æbleskive pans cost around $20 and can be found in cookware and hardware stores that carry cast-iron or Dutch cookware.

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