An extinct Southern Khoisan hunter-gatherer people of South Africa, and their language. It was chosen as the language in which to devise the new (post-apartheid) national motto, which is !Ke e: /xarra //ke, meaning "different people unite", placed under the new coat of arms.

They were in the south-western Karoo region of South Africa, and was studied by the linguist Wilhelm Bleek from 1870 to 1875, and upon his death then the work was continued by his sister-in-law Lucy Lloyd and his daughter Dorothea Bleek. This work saved considerable oral literature of the San (Bushmen as they were then known).

See for a diorama in a South African museum representing a /Xam encampment, with useful discussion.

I originally noded this as !Xam, but references on the Web suggest the language name is correctly /Xam, with a different click. See for a brief grammar and a story.

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