BAP is the Boston Alcohol Posse
Kill only the stragglers. Let the strong ones live.

We're decadent and depraved yet organized. We sever heads and run the fellatio barn. We pity the Wonkoalition, mock your measly hangovers, and humiliate you with dump truck hazing rituals. We get wicked retahded.

Our mascot:
The ghastly radiant severed head of donfreenut
(Medical researchers: Please note advanced
cyanosis due to lopsided lung/bong ratio)
photo by panamaus

Please refer to the E2 Clique Application Form and The Everything People Registry : United States : Massachusetts for more information.

Venerable members of this group:

donfreenut, cahla, Mr. Hotel, randir, The Custodian$, ailie, mkb, jaybonci@, Illumina, panamaus, MizerieRose, FoxtrotJuliet, Indra363, briiiiian, jaubertmoniker, hamster bong, Splunge, Chras4, Hatshepsut, DataJunkie, Angela, mauler@+, Jack
This group of 23 members is led by donfreenut