Below are the themes entered in Make E2 Pretty. If you select the zen theme in your User Settings, you can try most of them using the links in the left column, or you can see screenshots by clicking on the images in the other columns. You can vote for your favorite new theme over at Everything User Poll or in the poll nodelet through October 8th. Please let Two Sheds know if you have any questions.

Also, please note that these themes need not be finished works of art. We will fix any implementation and browser compatibility problems with the winning entries, so if it doesn't look to you like the pictures below, it will later. Mozilla browsers like Firefox and Camino may be best for evaluating the designers' intentions.

artman's New E2
This theme is not yet implemented on E2. The links are to HTML mockups rather than images. A logged-out front page, node, and writeup are also available, as well as a logged-in node and a style guide.
This theme will not yet render properly on Internet Explorer. Please try another browser or have a look at the images linked on the right.
the goodnight star backdrop
Gunpowder Green
in10se's stylesheet
Kernel Blue
The “e” logo in the upper left corner does not yet render properly in Safari, which was used for these screenshots. It should be an “e.”
Balloon fiesta
The author of this theme is not eligible to win a prize in the competition.
The author of this theme is not eligible to win a prize in the competition.