by Tem42

A recent E2 poll found that over 50% of noders have been away from E2 for periods ranging from a month to 3 years. If you were one of these noders, what brought you back?

I am not among those unreliable noders. This poll has nothing to do with me. Good day sir!  23  21.30%
A major life event called me away (baby, summer vacation, Peace Corps). When it passed, I came back.  14  12.96%
I just kind of drifted away... and then drifted back.  27  25.00%
I drifted away, but a friend brought me back.  2  1.85%
I drifted away, but E2's extensive advertising campaign brought me back.  1  0.93%
I left because (insert annoyance here) pissed me off, but eventually I got over it.  11  10.19%
Back? I just drop in on the site every few months to check my messages and vote on polls.  18  16.67%
I actually didn't leave E2, I just changed user names.  2  1.85%
EDB. And he wasn't gentle about it.  0  0.00%
You fool, you've forgotten the most important poll option! I'll be /msging Tem42 about this!  3  2.78%
None of the above.  7  6.48%
Total  108  100.00%