by waverider37

A lot of old music is being remixed and covered in a new style. What's your opinion on these new tracks?

I like it. The old tracks sucked anyway.  3  2.86%
I like it, but I also liked the old ones.  8  7.62%
I'm indifferent. I like the new ones about as much as the old ones.  3  2.86%
I don't like it, but I didn't like the old ones anyhow.  2  1.90%
I detest it. Why mess with awesomeness?  11  10.48%
It's interesting to hear a comparison and see just how much music has evolved since the 70s and 80s.  4  3.81%
It depends. I like some of the remixes, not others.  47  44.76%
I'm indifferent  8  7.62%
All music is garbage. ALL of it.  2  1.90%
There are remixes of old music and I was not made aware?  6  5.71%
None of the above.  11  10.48%
Total  105  100.00%