by Sir Norris

Do you vote on Everything Polls?

The polls are the only part of E2 I bother looking at.  1  0.62%
I vote on every Everything Poll, and take them ultra-seriously.  14  8.64%
I vote on Everything polls that interest me.  51  31.48%
I always vote for the silly option.  4  2.47%
I rarely bother with Everything Polls; they're crap.  4  2.47%
I have never voted on an Everything Poll - apart from this one.  0  0.00%
I have never voted on an Everything Poll - *including* this one.  8  4.94%
I'm a level 1 noder with no votes, I can't vote on or see polls.  12  7.41%
I haven't even been to E2. What are you talking about?  3  1.85%
I don't own a computing device and have never used the interweb.  10  6.17%
I am a spirit, unable to interact with physical matter.  19  11.73%
Stop it. Stop being so silly you absolute git.  36  22.22%
Total  162  100.00%