by gate

What is your birth order?

I am an only child  15  14.85%
I am the oldest  51  50.50%
I am one of the oldest middle children  0  0.00%
I am near the middle  8  7.92%
I am one of the youngest middle children  1  0.99%
I am the youngest  12  11.88%
I was functionally an only child, because everyone else left home  2  1.98%
I was functionally the oldest growing up, because the older ones already left  2  1.98%
I was functionally a middle child, because I lived with unrelated people of similar ages  0  0.00%
I was functionally the youngest growing up, because the younger ones lived elsewhere  2  1.98%
I grew up in a non-family environment  2  1.98%
I wasn't born. I came into this world as a fully formed adult... with secret super-powers too  3  2.97%
None of the above.  3  2.97%
Total  101  100.00%