reQuest 2020: an E2 reVue Week 1 Update

Before the third annual reQuest went live it was already having the best start so far. In previous years organisers Silverai_me and Nemosyn have spent a good part of December thinking up most of the starting reQuests for participants, but not this year! A number of participants have submitted reQuests for every other participant, with the result that the reQuest team have only been responsible for a bare minimum of the reQuests.

Thanks to the noding community we have two new features in reQuest this year. The first is the Rancid Pickle Trophy for the most prolific reQuesters. Mr Pickle is well known as a prolific noder, and his generous prize donation will cover a LOT of /egging in the catbox.

The second new feature is the Open reQuest. Each year there have been several reQuests received that have asked for multiple noders, or any noders, to fill them. We now have a separate section for these reQuests. Any number of participants can fill these reQuests - the more the merrier! Nemosyn is hoping that some noders may draw inspiration from each other to create some pile on nodes or ongoing stories as the month goes on.

Because Nemosyn made a unilateral decision to create the Open reQuests, no discussion regarding the rules was had before the start of the month. The reQuest team have now had time to make some decisions and clarify:

  • Open reQuests will receive the same rewards as personal reQuests
  • Rewards are calculated on the number of reQuests filled, not the number of writeups. This means that if you submit one writeup that fills two reQuests, you get two rewards. If you submit three writeups that fill one reQuest, you get one reward.
  • This does not mean we are encouraging participants to write one complicated writeup that fills five reQuests at once, unless it's really really funny.

Rancid Pickle was the first to fill a reQuest this year, with How the lack of flying cars is connected with the green fuzz between EDB's toes and the average annual rainfall in West Bulgaria, a matter that has certainly puzzled the reQuest team for some time. At the one week mark seven Open reQuests have been filled as well as 21 personal reQuests, with 10 different noders adding contributions so far. Rancid Pickle is leading the numbers game with seven submitted reQuests, with andycyca and first time reQuester npecom currently the front runners for the Rancid Pickle Trophy.

Keep those reQuests coming in - remember we will be accepting reQuests until January 21, to give everyone time to finish off their list of reQuests before the end of the month. Happy new year and happy noding to you all.

-- Nemosyn

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