" The only way of reaching this part of the world, which is
on the borders of northern Thailand, Burma and Laos, is by
helicopter. It is a mountainous region, mostly covered by
forest and inhabited by a tribal population estimated at
300,000 to 500,000 persons who live in some 3,000 villages.
The people, who are semi-nomadic, move about with their
personal property and weapons, without any form of control.
They have been cultivating the opium poppy since the
beginning of the century and this single crop provides all
that is needed for the livelihood of the families. In an
area where all transport is by backpack, opium provides a
good return for a low weight. The opium is used to supply
the international market and is also the source of regional
drug addiction, which can perhaps be better described as
the local therapy for the pains of illness and old age.

...Several years ago, the Thai authorities, fully realizing
the potential harm to people when such a large supply of
opium is introduced into the illicit market, decided
that 'something had to be done.'

There were three possibilities open to the Government:

Prohibit the illicit production and adopt coercive measures to destroy the crops;
Stop the illicit traffic and imprison the traffickers;
Arrange to stop the growing of the opium poppy and replace it by the cultivation of other crops.

--j. nepote, secretary-general of icpo/interpol, january 1976

opiated smoking tablets, composed of the following measured doses:
begin : Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
03:33 : REM - Hope (mister darwin's wild ride)
08:30 : Yo La Tengo - Everyday (*)
14:12 : Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine
20:50 : Saloon - Across the Great Divide (featuring Nobody reciting the poetry of William Blake)
25:43 : Stereolab - Wow and Flutter
28:47 : Mouse on Mars - Chagrin
34:07 : Boards of Canada - Julie and Candy (waste all your time)
37:30 : Arab Strap - Cherubs
42:23 : Swans - Her (em crooner)
47:13 : Slowdive - Crazy for You
51:46 : Calexico - Chanel No. 5
55:44 : Iron and Wine - Upward Over the Mountain
61:03 : The Smiths - Death of a Disco Dancer
66:22 : Toots and the Maytals - Sailin' On
  :   : total running time: m69,s53
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  :   :
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  :   :
  :   :     rude boy chi grub
  :  M:xed Euphoria
  :   :(i apologize if this is a little weird, munged, fucked up. i'm practicing a couple of "fancy" things, and this is my first time using ACID to assemble a mix.)