As Anatole has pointed out in The Marty McKolskey Incident (which, if its reputation is anything to go by, has already been read by everyone who's signed in since), we've had a bit of a plagiarism incident. And yes, they did get Brian Eno, though they did shun nate's writeup.


The site in question was, which has since removed all E2 content, including that whose authors did not object to its use of their material. Mr. McKolskey has submitted an explanation and his written apologies to the concerned parties, and has deposited the proceeds of his Amazon referrals in the Donation Box.

It appears that he thought E2 content was freely useable. And, indeed, there is a distinct lack of clarity regarding the legal status of said content. It's hard to find on the site itself and major sites such as Google and the Open Directory list E2 in the Open Content category. We're now looking into ways of clarifying things everywhere.

Whether you want to accept Marty's explanations in good faith and accept that it was a misunderstanding or whether you want to keep him on the heinous plagiarist villain list is up to you. He's been pretty damn civil given the heated tone of some irate noders' reactions so let's return at least that much courtesy and treat him like he's human.