Good day all Everythingians! The usergroup podpeople finally managed to finish the October Podcast, and we're already thinking about the next one! We'd like to have it out in time for the decaversary, but we'll see. In the meantime, however, we'd like to put out our semi-regular request for noders to read nodes for us. Do you have a computer with a mic? Do you like E2 nodes? Then you're perfect. Pick an E2 node you really like and read it into your machine. FEED THE MACHINE. We like .wav or .mp3 format. If you have audio you'd like to contribute to the podcast, /msg either The Custodian or Junkill and let us know, and we'll arrange to get the audio from you somehow.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Why did I title this 'Podcast GTKY?' Because that's what we want! Are you a noder who isn't interested in reading a whole node for us, but would like to help with the podcast anyway? Or maybe you did read something, but found you like talking to the world via the podcast? Help us out! Here's how. We'd love to have more 'bumper' clips, sort of 'station ID' bits, for the podcast. So what we're thinking is this - do a quick reading where you tell us your nodername, when you joined E2, how you found it (if you can remember!), and maybe give us one bit of trivia or anecdote about why you stuck around. 15-45 seconds or so. Then send us that! If we get enough submissions, we'll do a decaversary section just of these noder voices. If we get not quite enough, or too many (we wish!) we'll end up using the remainder (and probably some of the ones we feature, anyway) as 'Station ID' clips during future podcasts.

So hop to it! Find a mic! DROP THAT SHIZZLE! And send a /msg to The Custodian, Junkill or anyone you know from podpeople and we'll happily push your recording out to the world.

Just some final trivia to close this off - a couple of the original podcasts have been downloaded over *seven thousand times* each. Several others have been downloaded over *three thousand times* apiece. Somebody is listening!


How to contribute to the Everything2 podcast (except for part 4 - see above).
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