Sleigh bells? ALREADY?
Yes, Virginia, It's that time of year again! E2 Secret Santa is back!

Brevity, soul of...Quest?
Yes, BrevityQuest07 calls you to node the little things. Up to 300 words of genius will qualify you for rewards beyond your wildest.

Get Your CSS On off
The E2 Frontpage redesign competition is over - congratulations to Artman2003 for taking first place, and Sam512 for taking second. I'm told the checks are in the mail. Good goin', you two.

Scaredy-Cat wants writeups
As if your teeth didn't hurt enough before, we've got a Horror Quest to rattle and chatter 'em a bit. Oh, and Sim3 is running a related pseudo-quest here for the more poetically minded.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
Development of the new E2 codebase is still underway, albeit postponed for us to figure the money out. I (or Dann; most likely Dann as I couldn't code my way out of a stick of butter) will keep you posted on progress as it happens.