Writeups about how we as individuals view and relate to E2 have usually been deleted, have occasionally been tolerated, but more often than not have been banished to the day logs. Unless you are/were one of the elite and allowed to use the soap box in the Editor Logs, a lot of useful commentaries have either been buried and forgotten over time or were never posted.

The management has set up Letters to the Editors: May 2009 for this month. If it is successful, we will do the same for coming months and will offer to create similar nodes to move older "noding about noding" content into. The idea is to have noders' opinions and insights regarding E2 somewhere where we can easily find them, read them, and revisit them. The rules are simply one user, one writeup, and try to make sense and not to call people too many names. Please also try not to start debates across writeups--rebuttals can wait until next month.

There was a trial several years ago, based on a suggestion by borgo and organised (IIRC) by Lord Brawl, in which Letters to the Editors could be sent to an e-mail address. The letters were then posted and debated within the admin group. This is no longer active and has been filed under Archived: Letters to the Editors.