The Everything Census : 2007

In the highly anticipated sequel to The Everything Census : 2006 noders were once again enumerated, tagged, folded, spindled, and mutilated in the cause of science. If you didn't do so yet, please consider updating your information in any relevant noder registries such as The Everything People Registry, the Everything Mailing Address Registry, the Everything Arranged Marriage Registry, the Everything Troll Registry, and so on, and so on....

Heisenberg Multimedia Corp.

Heisenberg's latest multimedia idea, E2SENCE: The Magazine of E2 nears completion. Contact H. for details. As well, Heisenberg's popular Everything2 Podcast continues its critically acclaimed second season. See current details at the bottom of this article.

Ongoing code changes

Details as they happen, or sometime thereafter, in root log: May 2007 and root log: June 2007.


Recently completed quests



Heisenberg's Everything2 Podcast brings us audio versions of new and classic e2 writeups. The Everything2 Podcast is available for itunes or gpodder at:

NEW! Podcast 2.5

The Everything2 Podcast, Season 2, Episode 5.


Itunes subscribers will get it automatically, direct download is from