So here's what's going down these days...

Wintergreen: A Quest for the Season

A new Quest is upon us, an environmental challenge! Node all things Earth-friendly, from organic granola to solar powered servers. For full details, see the writeup at Wintergreen: An Earth Quest.


The hardy, or foolhardy will attempt to write 30 nodes in a month, which is one a day, if wertperch's arithmetic is correct. It's not too late to join, it doesn't have to be one each day, just an average. If you can call that "average".

Contact quest creator Dreamvirus or visit the IRON NODE for more details.

E2 Secret Santa 2008

It's been going on for so long that it's not just a tradition... it's a HABIT!

Just when you though it might not happen, another fearless noder who ought to know better stepped up to launch this year's postal pandemonium. Sign up for two months of anticipation, frustration, and last-minute scrounging in the depths of your closet to fill that last bit of space left in the box.

E2 Secret Santa 2008. Now with 25% more surprise than other leading brand. Guaranteed election-free.