Another hot item from the kitchen of our deadly but beloved ninjagirls, just in time to catch you with some spare time on your hands. Here's your chance to get on their good side, keep yourself occupied, and gain tons of applause and a smattering of XP and cools from the fickle but tasteful public of E2.

princess loulou knows when you've been naughty (though she may hold it against you for not inviting her) and knows when you've been nice but, just in case she doesn't, wants to hear all your stories and learn how this season is spent where you live or where you hail from.

Read all about it!

This quest starts now and ends January 6. Node well, or else...

Update, 7th January: Okay, the Quest is done, the princess and the honorary ninjagirls are even now deciding the rewards.

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