2007.12.03 at at 14:58 Jack says Speaking of ed cools - I was under the impression that ed cools were for high-quality nodes, not high-quality writeups, but I'm finding a ton of ed cooled nodes with single writeups in them, either because they were cooled that way or because some of their component parts have been nuked in the interim. Have y'all been operating under a different assumption, or could we generate a list of ed cooled nodes with single writeups in them and uncool them in bulk?

2007.12.03 at 15:01 kthejoker says I have ed cooled a few nodes with just one writeup in them, when that writeup is definitively awesome. So I'm against any blanket move. But certainly we could make up the list and review them.

2007.12.03 at 15:03 Jack says I'd be more than happy to take on a review if I had a node list at my disposal. S'not a bad way to kill off a slow monday. Or, um. Week.

2007.12.03 at 15:15 Lometa says As editors we have ed cooled for many reasons over time. It's the nature of the ebb and flow of E2. It's also an inherent part of the site's history. I would be more than happy to take a look at a review .

2007.12.03 at 15:33 kthejoker says I'm generally in favor of keeping ed cools as signs of good judgment from our admin, with one clarification: now that Ed Cools are on the front page, we should consider an Ed Cool to be an endorsement of the writing contained within the node. A bad example would be dem bones' ed cooling of booze - which itself only contains a Webby writeup. Obviously [he] was meta-endorsing a bit there.

>2007.12.03 at 18:51 Lometa says ohh I remember that. Once upon a time, way back in the day when E1 was a struggling rock star and consisted of nothing more elaborate than some Brian Eno nodes and a fistful of XP, there lived bozon who was one of the rare female gods of the Valhalla era. She kept a list in the booze node and bones ed cooled it. Then along came the insidious metanode disease, created by node strings imported from E1 which were created from the limitations of characters there.

2007.12.03 at 18:52 Lometa says nate made it so we could add as much content to a write up we wished; it was all over except for dancing in the streets. Now we could gather up all of our node strings and put them on one node. This caused the slaughter of many metanodes,; it was of epidemic proportions. This may have been a part of the first Civil War. Since Mojo had the Everything Bartender node and bozon’s became dated it was moved to her

2007.12.03 at 18:53 Lometa says node heaven. And thus we have the strange phenomenon as to why one inspired god of E2 neglected to uncool what has now become a simple definition from Webby. (Next week’s tale will be about the pre cat box era and how we chatted with nodeshells.)

2007.12.03 at 18:59 kthejoker says I would C! this conversation if I could.

2007.12.03 at 19:00 borgo says Great! I love a good history lesson

much love to Lometa