I don't know if "decaversary" is a real word but such things have rarely bothered us here on E2, where we routinely play with words like unmorrissed and exosculate. At any rate, November 13th marks the tenth anniversary of the reinvention of Everything as Everything2, and with it the beginning of an unexpectedly long and sometimes wild ride for the pioneers of 1999 and for those of us who joined them along the way. Some of our fine members, with the connivance and full backing of Teh Management, will be marking this event in strange and different ways.

Jet-Poop, one of the grizzled stalwarts who can trace their origins to Everything(1), will be hosting the Everything2 Ten-Year Anniversary Contest for Fun and Awesomeness--sort of a quest on steroids. We're getting a head start on this one because it asks for creativity beyond and outside our little digital box. Just try to keep it legal--as in, we will not (overtly) condone tagging Norfolk Southern's rolling stock with the E2 logo...

More will follow soon. Watch this space.