Introducing a new E2 feature...

Everything's Most Wanted

...a list of the most dangerously unfilled nodeshells ever to wander the lawless plains of the nodegel. Track one down, hogtie it, and fill it up with good content, and you will earn the offered reward!

Some more details...

Any user can fill a posted node and claim the posted bounty. Contact the "requesting sheriff", who will decide if you have met the requirements and give you your reward.

Any user or usergroup can sponsor a bounty for a factual node in need of more content. All you need to do is find a worthy node or nodeshell and come up with some kind of reward. Rewards can be anything you can imagine - the more creative the better. Some suggestions include C!s, a postcard, a node audit, some sort of homemade item, etc. Contact a member of the sheriffs usergroup to have your bounty approved and posted.

Please note that we are looking for *factual nodes* only and that there is a limit of one bounty at a time sponsored by each user or group - wait until your bounty is filled or replace it with a new one.

Check back often for new bounties! A permanent link has been added to the "Lists" section of the "Vitals" nodelet.