Dear Everything2,

It's been 10 years since we turned off the lights at the Everything Development Company, and E2 became a community run and maintained, living off the generosity of various benefactors, from my former employer to Michigan and Michigan State Universities.

While I spent most of the intervening decade at SourceForge, this spring I started my own company, Ingenuitas. It, like E2 before it, is currently drawing a load of 40 on my single core brain.

As most of you know, my involvement with the site has been minimal for some time, and my interest has been primarily to keep the site alive, and facilitate any research projects it was used for. Last week we had our end-of-year Blockstackers meeting, and we voted to try and Sell Everything2. Rob "Cmdrtaco" Malda has graciously offered to handle the sale and transfer, and any serious inquiries should go to him.

Blockstackers' main interest in this is to keep the site running as long as possible, and without our intervention. I've done my turn, and am now at the point where my energies need to be put into making computers see the world.


PS. Someone sent me a snapshot of everything1 via the wayback machine. Nice.