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1 primrose path (thing) everyone writeup
2 All that glitters is not gold (idea) Lometa writeup
3 dead as a doornail (idea) rootbeer277 writeup
4 The game is afoot, Watson! (idea) Lometa writeup
5 Tongue-tied (idea) Lometa writeup
6 Fancy-free (idea) Lometa writeup
7 Green-Eyed Monster (idea) Lometa writeup
8 To be hoist by one's own petard (idea) Gethsemane writeup
9 household word (thing) the_effervescence writeup
10 in a pickle (idea) mcd writeup
11 In stitches (idea) Lometa writeup
12 It's all Greek to me (thing) TheLordScribe writeup
13 short shrift (thing) mcd writeup
14 Fell swoop (idea) discofever writeup
15 the game is up (thing) mcd writeup
16 Wild goose chase (idea) mcd writeup
17 What the dickens (idea) mcd writeup
18 bated breath (idea) mcd writeup