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This content relates to sexual abuse and may trigger traumatic memories for abuse survivors.

1 Mepham Hazing Incident (thing) JD writeup
2 Inuit Story of Creation (idea) trybonun writeup
3 March 18, 2009 (fiction) Dimview writeup
4 Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka (person) Palpz writeup
5 Forced marriage (thing) Andrew Aguecheek writeup
6 Kobe Bryant (person) Davidian writeup
7 Ulrika Jonsson (person) mau_geo writeup
8 He needed to repeat some well-used mantra of love just one more time (fiction) tandex writeup
9 Jesse Pomeroy (person) Shadow2109 writeup
10 GHB's effectiveness as a date rape drug   e2node
11 Dianna Ortiz (person) sid writeup
12 Ciudad Juarez (place) sid writeup
13 The Gift of Fear (thing) ignis_glaciesque writeup
14 Phoolan Devi   e2node
15 Masha's Story   e2node
16 Seada Vranic (person) w8 writeup
17 Ted Bundy   e2node
18 Saint Agatha (person) wertperch writeup
19 Ted Bundy's defense of moral subjectivism (thing) enth writeup
20 Arthur Koestler (person) Gritchka writeup
21 Comfort women   e2node
22 The end of the beginning (idea) riverrun writeup
23 Monster of a Meaner Disposition (idea) Hatshepsut writeup
24 Love, your daughter (thing) Fioraorsola writeup
25 March 2, 2007 (thing) Fioraorsola writeup
26 October 12, 2006 (person) Angela writeup
27 September 4, 2002 (idea) Loinen writeup