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This content relates to child sexual abuse and may trigger traumatic memories for abuse survivors.


1 Ken DeLuca (person) JD writeup
2 Who's going to believe a nine-year-old girl? (person) lara68 writeup
3 A Letter To My Grandfather (personal) Segnbora-t writeup
4 Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka (person) Palpz writeup
5 Please let me out, I won't do it again (idea) Medieval writeup
6 Wash Away Those Years (idea) skybluefusion writeup
7 The Lovely Bones (thing) 18thCandidate writeup
8 Leopold and Loeb   e2node
9 molested   e2node
10 Unconditional love (idea) _Yup writeup
11 Monster of a Meaner Disposition (idea) Hatshepsut writeup
12 A Protestant's view on pedophilia in the Catholic Church   e2node
13 Editor Log: February 2012 (log) Aerobe writeup
14 a man's voice, yelling (person) Fioraorsola writeup
15 Her grief is still too young to behave itself, so she never lets it out (idea) liontamer writeup