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Among the old patches and trinkets, entombed in cedar cigar boxes and wrapped in old uniforms, the notebooks I carried across Hell's half acre lay and molder.

Sometimes, I find a nodeshell that needs filling. And sometimes, a dusty old diary gives up some of its secrets.

These nodes represent some of what happened during almost seven years in Afghanistan as an active duty military member and civilian contractor.

1 I am nothing but my sins (personal) haqiqat writeup
2 I will be hard and silver and pure without fear. (personal) haqiqat writeup
3 I was burned and bleeding, but the galaxy still spun on (personal) haqiqat writeup
4 The machines rest (personal) haqiqat writeup
5 Keep going. Keep breathing. (personal) haqiqat writeup
6 implied warranty of habitability (poetry) haqiqat writeup
7 Merry Christmas you filthy animal (poetry) haqiqat writeup
8 I peer at the ball game, tired of Whitman, tired of wanting to be great. (thing) haqiqat writeup
9 our forgotten enemies, unfrozen from the glaciers (place) haqiqat writeup
10 I have always considered warnings to be a kind of dare (personal) haqiqat writeup
11 enrich your life with fear and fire (personal) haqiqat writeup
12 what would it take to be serene again? (thing) haqiqat writeup
13 I did not need it. I was strong. I was steady. I knew what I was doing. (personal) haqiqat writeup
14 a great many things are dying very violently all the time (personal) haqiqat writeup
15 It's always lunchtime, here in the land of the dead (personal) haqiqat writeup
16 Everything is made of sunlight and shit (personal) haqiqat writeup
17 It is the uncertainty of life-threatening moments that I so dread, and so love (personal) haqiqat writeup
18 The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper (personal) haqiqat writeup
19 The kids round here look just like shadows, always quiet, holding hands (personal) haqiqat writeup
20 birthplace of combat existentialism (personal) haqiqat writeup
21 the older generation (personal) haqiqat writeup
22 Drink coffee. Smoke cigarettes. Eat fire. (personal) haqiqat writeup