The snake throws back its massive head and laughs, displaying perfectly its rows of sharp teeth.

"Then what are you doing here?" it says. It coils closer, filling your vision with its enormous golden-amber eyes. As you watch, the serpent's eyes slosh and swirl, as though the color inside were liquid in a glass. You watch in fascination as the color subtly shifts from the purest gold, to honey, to autumnal browns, back to yellow, as though dye were being added to the liquid light inside.

"Perhaps you sought to keep me company?" says the snake. He has not moved his face from your view, but you feel the stone-slab scales brushing against your back, then your sides, wrapping around you. Still, you stare at the color in his eyes. "I've not had entertainment in far too long. But, alas. What good is a companion who cannot speak? Perhaps. . . "

The snakes tongue darts out, flicking the air in front of you, then slipping back inside his mouth. You don't move. You can't.

"Or perhaps you came to bring me something to eat."

Slevenius's massive jaws split open, and you find yourself staring down an enormous red gullet.

Though the inside of his throat is the last thing you see, your mind is still filled with visions of a gold and amber sea.

* * * * *

You were eaten by the Prince of Snakes!

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